Gianmaria Gobbetti aka “Gassman” born in Verona (ITA) called the city of “LOVE”. He took the first steps with a piano where he composes most of his songs. After this he begins to approach the drum taking up as an example his father (musician and practitioner at the time). He played in different formations including the most successful with the ”Matadores”,”Movimento artistico pesante” called in short was “M.A.P” and the last with the trio Blues/Jazz “Lite orchestra”. Only now he can say that is facing a big jump, a big change with his move to Berlin where he began for the first time his solo road. Building a different art with a more homogeneous sound with an orientation to clubs but maintaining a certain originality that has always characterized. He actually is working on the first music album with which will debut soon.



Escucha a Gassman