Sonia Güttler is Sonae from Colonia, Germany. Music by sonae is wide, flowery and raw – from the very quiet to tiny club moments, always embedded in an electronic soundscape. her first release happened in august 2012 with the two-track ep 'cologne' on ambient & electronica label a strangely isolated place. 2013 followed her remix of 'saint' by markus guentner, 'entmutigt' has been released on two compilations: 'elles' on sillage intemporel and 'pussy riot freedom compilation' by female:pressure, and still unreleased 'song of hate and anger' made it last record of markus guentner's exclusive mixtape for substrata festival. it also was the year of sonae's live debut at perspectives festival at about blank in Berlin.



Escucha a Sonae